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​No outdoor showering or toilets, please use a shower tent or suitable enclosure

Vehicles are not permitted on the Esplanade in front of the camp sites at any time, Guest vehicles must access the boat ramp via the main entrance and  return vehicles to their site after launching

Due to health regulations drinking water can be sourced from the rain water tank at the entrance. Only drinking water containers are to be filled from the rain water tank. *No filling of RV tanks*!

Please direct all grey water to gardens or trees where possible and move the outlet regularly to avoid ponding.

Small campfires are only permitted in fire drums and must be extinguished with water when not in use, do not let fires smoulder and cause a smoke problem for other campers. Bring your own fire wood or bring a chainsaw and cut it for free

Please limit driving your vehicles around the camp ground once you are set up - 10 km p/h speed limit at all times

No driving vehicles around the property or collecting firewood after 8pm.

No loud music, singing or yelling after 9.30pm, all forms of noise to cease by 10pm.

Excessively loud music, swearing and inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated.

Quiet generators only allowed to be operated between 8.00-11.00am and/or 2.00-5.00pm. Generators are not to be operated continuously, maximum run time is 2 hours on then a minimum 2 hours off. Only 1 Generator to be operated at any time per site.
Mangroves are a protected species -
please look after the environment
and don't destroy or damage
any trees or habitat on the riverbank.
And most importantly:
Enjoy yourself!
If you have any problems in the campground or with other guests, please advise us so we can help. Please ring 0418887574 for after hours assistance.
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  • Dogs are not to be left unattended in the camp grounds at any time, including in caravans, tents or trailers.

  • Dogs are allowed but must be contained within your site and are to be on a leash at all times.

  • No dogs allowed on the esplanade without a leash.

  • Please enquire about our off-leash area.

  • Maximum 2 dogs per site and no visitors dogs are allowed.

  • Please clean up any doggy do-do's.

  • Strictly no noisy or aggressive dogs allowed.


To ensure everyone has a safe & enjoyable stay please abide by these simple rules.

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