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Rocky Point Retreat Waterfront Campground is located on the southern bank of Baffle Creek, one of the most pristine coastal rivers in Queensland and is operating in accordance with the Bundaberg Regional Council Nature Based Tourism code. We are committed to providing affordable camping options while keeping sustainability and the care & preservation of the environment as one of the main focuses of the business.

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In February 2020 a set of 5 kilowatt solar panels was constructed near the dump point to substitute the main power supply to the powered sites and second set of 10 kilowatt solar panels was constructed near the reception area to supply the residence, office & reception with solar power. All solar panels are fitted to a steel frame and are movable. A gravity based timing system (consisting of several water-filled buckets that throughout the day feed into one another) moves the solar panels throughout the day so they tilt towards the sun ensuring continuous solar harvest and keeping batteries topped up to a maximum. The unique design & constructions of the panel setup and tilting system was done onsite at Rocky Point Retreat.

In addition to the existing two solar frames, the installation of a 35 kilowatt battery and a 7.5 kilowatt inverter to supply the campground with renewable energy and short term power back up during grid outages is currently underway.
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To experiment further with renewable power supply options, Rocky Point Retreat purchased and set up a 2.5 kilowatt wind turbine in March 2022. All research and construction was done in-house and the turbine is a fantastic addition that keeps batteries topped up even on overcast days.

The turbine is connected to the second solar panel frame and both feed into the power supply of the residence, reception and office.

The reception and office are now solely powered by renewable energy reducing power bills and lowering the impact on the environment.

Depending on the success of this wind turbine further turbines are considered to be added to the power supply in the campground,
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A large scale tree planting project in conjunction with the landholder program of the “Million Tree Project” by Bundaberg Council to create habitat pockets/corridors, windbreaks, shaded walking track to provide habitat and attract more native wildlife to the area is planned in the near future. We are currently waiting for approval from the council.
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Here are some examples of how we implement sustainability into our business:


- In February 2017 Rocky Point Retreat in conjunction with Bundaberg Regional Council stopped drive-through traffic on the esplanade adjacent to the campground to create a safe environment for campers & the public and to preserve the natural habitat on the riverbank.


- Early 2018 Re-vegetation project in conjunction with Burnett Mary Regional Group, funding provided by Australian Government’s National Landcare program and Bundaberg Regional Council 


- All cabins and family tents are solely powered by renewable energy.


- Office & reception including ice machines and industrial size freezers are solely powered by renewable energy (solar panels and wind turbine).


- Ensuites have water-saving vacuum and pump-flush toilets that are 12 volt solar powered.


- Grey water is required to be directed to trees and gardens in the campground.


- General, recycling and deposit container bins ("containers for change") are spaced between the sites and small tubs are made available to guests so they can easily separate their rubbish into appropriate bins.


- All toilet waste that is emptied into the dump point is pumped and disposed off at the Bundaberg Regional Council wastewater facility.


- Rocky Point Retreat has a no-underground discharge policy for blackwater due to the close proximity of Baffle Creek and high groundwater table.


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